Seven Practices
for Creating Calm

If you feel stressed, distracted, or overwhelmed, this video contains seven simple practices that you can begin to use immediately. Create calm, build resilience, and watch the benefits stack up!

Less stress. More energy. Better sleep. Less pain. More creativity. Elevated mood. Improved focus. And so much more!

Create Calm.

Explore seven practices, and choose what works for you!

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    Jen Wilking

    physical therapist & yoga teacher


    I'm Jen. I help people develop beneficial practices that are rooted in science and yoga. As your guide, I share practices that point you toward your innate wisdom and intuition so that you live a life that is true to you. When we live aligned with what we value, we live with meaning and purpose.

    Filter the noise.

    I've seen the the benefits of the practices of yoga time after time. When we develop practices that support our mental, physical, and spiritual health, that's where the transformation happens. Make a positive impact on your own well-being and watch it ripple out into the world!